Updated: 10/29/2010

Deuce dominates 2011 Riverside Fall League

RIVERSIDE, IL - Deuce looked like the team that everyone thought they could be by coming together at the perfect time. Deuce scored 56 runs in two games to win the 2011 Riverside Fall League Championship. Deuce definitely earned their title by crushing the previous two league champions, R2D2 and En Fuego. This was the first championship for Deuce since finishing tied for first with R2D2 in 2006.

In their first game Deuce jumped on top of R2D2 and did not let up until the game was ended in the 4th inning with a score of 32-8. With the wind blowing out all day long, Deuce hit 10 home runs and R2D2 could not keep up. In the championship game Deuce took on the defending champs En Feugo. Deuce slammed another 7 home runs and beat En Feugo 24-12 in 6 innings.

In the tightest playoffs MVP race on record, Mike Luciano edged out Phil Cavaliere, Tim Aurrichio and Andy Prochaska (Playoff MVP). Luciano finished with 4 home runs, 9 RBIs and 7 runs. All 4 players finished with 7 runs, 8 or more RBIs and 2 or more home runs.

For the year Darren Palandri squeezed by Matt Rose and Mike Luciano on the last weekend to get the league MVP (League MVP). This year there was the highest average of MVP points per qualified player on record with 2009 and 2005 being the next highest years.

Both Team and Individual League records were topped this year (League Records). Deuce set the Team Record for most home runs in a game with 10 against R2D2 in the playoffs and 9 against Bartender Jack earlier in the year. Andy Prochaska, Pete Wengerski and Rob Frampton tied the record for most runs in a game with 5. Brent Wolfe and Ryan Sherman tied the record for most hits in a game with 6. Matt Rose set the record for most RBIs in a year at 44, beating the previous record of 28 by Mike Luciano in 2009. Mike Luciano set the record for most extra base hits in a year at 22 beating the previous record of 21 set by Dan Cashin.